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NY Times Brings The Future Of Education To Center Stage

One of The New York Times reporter took the famous justice class of Michael Sandel online rather than taking it in class even when he was at Harvard. This was the example given by Joel. I. Klein, the Chief Executive Officer for the Educational Division at News Corp. at The New York Times Schools for Tomorrow summit on September 22nd held at the Times Center in Manhattan.

The conference was a day long event where more than 30 panelists spoke about the challenges facing the current education model and how technology can be used in classrooms to enhance learning experience.
Coming up at 8:30 – The Schools for Tomorrow opening session. Agenda & live stream: #NYTedtech #edtech
September 22, 2011
Here is the video of the first session of the event.
Here is a photo of panelists.
Live: The Schools For Tomorrow conference is being live-steamed #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011

SIR MICHAEL BARBER , Chief Education Adviser, Pearson was one of the panelist.

With flood of knowledge, Barber thoughtful on choices we need to make about what/how kids learn #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011
Barber: “it’s about recruiting great people into teaching.” about “personal connections.” then tech comes in as an enabler. #nytedtech
September 22, 2011
David Brooks, New York Times OP-Ed Columnist, one of the panelist spoke about how learning environment should be collaborative.
Interesting that Brooks said (paraphrasing) “Facebook-like collaborative environment.” That’s the one env that everyone gets. #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011
Brooks also raised question on lack of data regarding use of technology in classroom.
Brooks: Where is the data for what works with tech? #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011
DAVE LEVIN, Superintendent, KIPP NYC recommended an app.
KIPP founder Dave Levin recommends teachers use Doceri app to turn heir iPads into smartboards #nytedtech
September 22, 2011
And, he echoed the message of Larry Summers, who also spoke at the event.
RT @ReadingPlus: “I think we, as a country, stunningly underappreciate public school teachers.” Larry Summers #nytedtech
September 23, 2011
David Levin, founder of @kipp: The great challenge is how do we make teaching the most respected profession in the country #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011

At the conference about how to use technology for education, questions were asked via Twitter too.

On K-12 panel, moderator @ewanmcintosh asking question from Twitter: “What’s the fundamental role of parents?”
September 22, 2011
The lively conversations kicked off with questions from audience and questions for future instructors.
Great question at #nytedtech: Are there any higher ed schools teaching students who will be future “blended learning” instructors? <-No.
September 22, 2011

The conference was divided into two sessions. Here is the video of the second session.

15 min. break. At 11:30 – How do we make best use of current tech tools and what should schools focus budgets on in future? #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011

The moderator of the conference was Jacques Steinberg “education writer and author of The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College”  (according to his Twitter account.) 

Congrats to my colleague @NYTJacques on promotion to senior editor. @nytimes makes announcement made as he moderates panel at #NYTEdTech.
September 22, 2011
Advices were given to teachers. Below is the one that stands out to me.
RT @willrich45: Teachers have to be learners with technology, not “trained” to use technology. #nytedtech
September 24, 2011
Joel. I. Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Educational Division spoke on why teachers hesitate to improve.
SchoolsforTommorrow Joel Klein says public schools and teachers have no incentive to innovate or improve @NYTedtech Insult. #NYTedtech
September 22, 2011
Below are the takeaways from the event from our perspective.
RT @willrich45: We can’t be about “delivering an education.” We have to be abt helping kids create their own. @downes #nytedtech
September 23, 2011
@NYTedtech Take aways: Because all info is accessible the need to memorize is not necessary; focus on the process. #NYTedtech
September 23, 2011


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