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Fareed Zakaria, Gates and Khan Explore How to Fix America’s Education System [Video]

by Willamor Media via Flickr under CreativeCommons

Did  you know that the U.S students ranked 15th in the world reading and 31st in math?

That’s what CNN and Time magazine’s Fareed Zakaria tweeted on Nov. 6 as he was interviewing leaders who are working to fix our education system.

His prime time special titled “ Restoring the American Dream – FIXING EDUCATION” featured four guests including Bill Gates, whose foundation has donated $5 billion to schools and libraries. The prime time also featured Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, an educational organization that provides free self-paced tutorials and students assessment online. He also spoke with education reformer Michelle Rhee.

If you missed the program you can watch it when it airs again on Nov. 12 at 8 pm EST. In the meantime, we have curated some videos from the program for you.

Here is the video of Zakaria, where he explains how education impacts social mobility in the U.S.

Gates spoke about why teachers are important and how to evaluate the teachers. Here is a video:

Zakaria talked about how the government can invest in education and tackle job crisis.

Zakaria, compared U.S failing education system to South Korea’s rapidly improving education system. According to one of his tweets,

There are 205 school days in South Korea’s calendar – 25 more than in the U.S. Over an academic career, they spend 2 more years in class.

Here is a video where Zakaria compares U.S education system to South Korea’s.


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sue miller
Jan 7, 2012 21:19

Fareed Zakaria featured an author of two books about improving education during his show “Fixing America’s Education System”.

I wasn’t fast enough to record the author’s name or the titles of the two books featured.

Can someone give me either author name or book titles. Thanks a lot. Sue Miller

Armand A. Egidi Sr.
Jan 9, 2012 16:42

We saw video on CNN of the following program: FAREED ZAKARIA GPS
Restoring the American Dream: Fixing Education with Bill gates and Khan Academy.
Aired January 7, 2012 – 20:00 ET

Would we be able to find it on-line to show some High School teachers this program? We were able to get a rough transcript but would prefer to see video.
Thank you ,
Armand Egidi

Dr. Rudy Magnan
Jan 9, 2012 18:53

Dear Fareed Zakaria:
I saw your presentaion last evening and one of the best ideas you concluded wAs
that we need to focus on developing our ability to think. I suggest you do a program
on developing this most important human resource. I have collaborated with the world leader
in teachyng thinking as a deliberate skill, Dr. Edward de Bono. I have recently written a book
:”Reinventing American Education”. It discusses ” Applying Innovative Thinking Techniques”
to solving the many problems in the existing educational model.

Please contact me to learn what we have done in schoolds all over the world.

Laura Lung
Jan 9, 2012 19:23

How can I purchase a copy of this video on Fareed Zakaria’s how to fix America’s Education System?

Wired Academic
Jan 16, 2012 17:37

Wired Academic
Jan 16, 2012 17:40

Wired Academic
Jan 16, 2012 17:41

Contact CNN for those details.

Jan 17, 2012 11:14

Teacher evaluation and training is the key to upgrading quality in education. Here in Delhi 100 government schools and manyp private schools too need this on priority. I hope Bill Gates who has done so much for health in India would also take up teacher evaluation and training as a priority activity of his Foundation.

Sean Huggans
Feb 1, 2012 19:57

We believe that in our ever changing education system, and the push to go online, it is important to retain the benefits of seeing your instructor, their personality, and having their class lectures available to study from 24/7. Visit our website at to learn how we are bringing Distance Learning and Online Education together!

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