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Startup Mentormob Wants to be Your Education Content Aggregator

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How often do you Google to find out information to learn on how to do something? But how many times do you find the information that you want? Not always. Well, the help is on the way.

A new platform hopes to make your search for educational content on the web efficient.

MentorMob is a new startup that will serve as your free aggregator and organizer of your educational content.

Here is a video from the Mentormob where Kris Chiosorn, CEO explains the philosophy of their company.

“The Internet is the first place most people turn to find information and learn virtually anything, but there’s no sense of organization—you have to stumble through, often running into dead ends along the way,” said Kris Chinosorn, who co-founded MentorMob with Vince Leung. “At MentorMob, our community members sort through all the content, choose the best snippets and lace them together into a step-by-step course. With MentorMob, you spend more time learning and less time searching.”

MentorMob’s collaborative platform provides a structured system for learning, with each topical category–known as a Mob–maintained by Mentors. Less formal than the online instruction typically provided by schools and private learning companies, MentorMob topics can range from how to play a guitar to how to conduct scientific experiments–virtually any subject a Mob’s members feel passionate about. Due to the collaborative nature of the platform the content continually grows and improves, similar to Wikipedia.

Currently, Mentormob has about dozens of playlists from topics ranging from arts to fitness. The Chicago-based company was founded in 2010.

via: Mentormob



WA Innovation Editor weighs in:

We were curious to find Khan Academy courses noticeably absent from the playlists. Khan Academy has its own playlists, but they are rudimentary by comparison. Khan’s content would be a natural fit in an aggregator like this. Looks like teachers have not picked up this service yet.

Another thing that is not readily apparent is how Mentormob will monetize their spiffy creation. For now, they seem intent on building up their playlists. We can see how this would be a ripe opportunity for targeted ads. For now, the only ads you see is from content providers, like YouTube and About.com. But we think you can expect to see ads soon.

Another great idea is the ability to embed these playlists as widgets in other websites. Here’s one every student needs to study:

Learning Playlist A Guide To Student Loans on MentorMob

This means companies can create private lessons for employees. Could be an opportunity to provide software as service model with premium features.

Still, the interface is intuitive to use and seamlessly pulls in content like articles and videos into the site. They designed it so you can access all the media in one spot and track progress.

Best of all, it’s free.


Will you use this to create playlists? Teachers: what do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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Nov 4, 2011 14:39

Thanks for post… Excited to see the growth and possibilities! We are looking for people to help build the Learning Playlist content. If you do not see what you would like to learn or teach, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you get started in the learning community!

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