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Heard: Will We Need Teachers Or Algorithms? | TechCrunch

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Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla. Image via Wikipedia

In a lengthy and insightful article, Vinod Khosla, an investor who leads Khosla Ventures, talks about two trends driven by edtech— decentralization and gamification.

We’ve already seen big moves across the nation to charter schools and even fully gamified schools like Quest to Learn in New York City. The key is getting beyond the buzzwords to the actual measurable metrics of increased performance that data analysis and personalization can bring:

There are new key trends that I see emerging in education enabled by advancing technology: namely decentralization and gamification. By understanding these trends, it is much easier to imagine why we won’t need teachers or why we can free up today’s teachers to be mentors and coaches. Software can free teachers to have more human relationships by giving them the time to be guidance counselors and friends to young kids instead of being lecturers who talk at them.

In addition to freeing up the precious resource of teachers’ in class time, Khosla talks about the use of game and social mechanics in education:

Imagine friends helping us understanding subjects while they also understand our context.  Both the students helping and the ones being helped are likely to understand the subject matter better in my view.  And with points and stars and badges and the like both are likely to want to spend more time participating, and will be more motivated when they do participate compared to today’s average classroom. Add reputation systems to that and one has the beginnings of a revolution.

via Will We Need Teachers Or Algorithms? | TechCrunch.

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