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    APOL9.995  chart+0.000  chart +0.00%
    AAPL135.72  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    BPI9.93  chart+0.02  chart +0.20%
    CAST0.0025  chart+0.0000  chart +0.00%
    CECO9.34  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    COCO0.0139  chart+0.0000  chart +0.00%
    CPLA77.70  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    DV33.00  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    EDMC0.016  chart+0.000  chart +0.00%
    ESI0.358  chart+0.000  chart +0.00%
    GOOG828.07  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    LINC1.87  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    LOPE61.39  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    PEDH0.11  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    PSO8.29  chart+0.08  chart +0.97%
    SABA8.81  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    SCHL46.63  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    STRA79.05  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%
    WPON/A  chart+0  chartN/A
    2017-02-17 16:00